TikTok+LunaTik for iPod Nano

“The idea to use the Nano as a wristwatch was an obvious one ever since Steve Jobs announced the 6th generation iPod Nano. The Nano is an incredibly complex technological breakthrough and Apple’s shear ability to offer a multi-touch full color display and battery in such a small package is no small feat. Watch companies have been chasing this for years. I know, I’ve worked with them. They are all scratching their heads now saying “we can’t touch that”. It’s no surprise that this, combined with my watch background, inspired me to create a collection of premium designs which complement the impeccable quality of Apple products.”

“After all, watches and timepiece manufacturing have been the inspiration for many recent Apple products. They have borrowed inspiration from the Horological Industry for years now. It is only appropriate that the TikTok and LunaTik leverage that same inspiration and attention to craftsmanship and detail.”



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