Apple’s iOS More Secure Than Google’s Android, Says Symantec | AppleInsider

iOS, the mobile operating system that powers Apple’s popular iPhone and iPad devices, offers more protection than its Android counterpart, the security experts at Symantec have concluded in a newly published report.

Symantec this week published “A Window Into Mobile Device Security,” a 23-page document that details the security approaches employed by Apple and Google in their respective mobile operating systems. It also offers a closer look at past and possible future security holes found in the iOS and Android platforms.

In a head-to-head comparison, Symantec found that Apple’s iOS is more secure than Google’s Android. Specifically, iOS was characterized as having “full protection” against malware attacks, while Android was deemed to have “little protection.”

iOS also has more protection than Android against resource abuse and service attacks, data loss, and data integrity attacks. Apple’s platform was also found to have greater security feature implementation in the categories of access control, application provenance, and encryption.

In fact, Google’s Android platform only topped iOS in one security category: isolation. There, Android received the highest marks, while iOS was said to offer “moderate protection.”

In specifically discussing iOS, Symantec’s report concluded that Apple’s “provenance approach” acts as a strong security barrier, as every app that is to be released on the App Store goes through vetting procedures. This, according to the paper, has “proved a deterrent against malware attacks, data loss attacks, data integrity attacks, and denial of service attacks.”

The report characterized iOS as “well designed and thus far…has proven largely resistant to attack.”

AppleInsider | Apple’s iOS more secure than Google’s Android, says Symantec.


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