June 29, 2007: iPhone, You Phone, We All Wanna iPhone | This Day In Tech | Wired.com

“Everybody knew it was coming. But nobody, not even Apple, predicted how the iPhone would change the way we look at phones forever.”

“First announced Jan. 9, 2007, by Steve Jobs, the iPhone is considered one of Apple’s worst-kept secrets, but still the most anticipated gadget of all time. Prior to the unveiling at Macworld Expo, tech blogs published rumors purporting to contain details on the iPhone. Apple fans dreamed up illustrations of the fabled device. And days before the iPhone finally landed June 29, hundreds of fanatical consumers camped outside Apple and AT&T stores for the $600 gadget.”

(Queueing up for the latest tech gizmo is not unknown: New Yorkers swarmed a department store in 1945 to buy the first commercially available ballpoint pens. And they paid the equivalent of $150 in today’s money. For a pen, not a superphone that connects you to the universe.)

“Despite drawing a horde of fans, the iPhone didn’t immediately charm its way into the mainstream because of its high price tag. Just two months after the iPhone’s initial release, Apple trimmed the handset’s price down to $400. That helped a little, but it wasn’t until 2008 — when Apple unveiled the iPhone 3G with a new $200 price tag and access to the faster 3G network — that the smartphone exploded in popularity. Apple sold over 10 million iPhone 3G units worldwide in just five months.”

Read the full article here:
June 29, 2007: iPhone, You Phone, We All Wanna iPhone | This Day In Tech | Wired.com.


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