Apple’s Secret Cloud Weapon is Already Inside Your Phone | Gizmodo

“The battle for the cloud. That’s what keeps Google, Amazon, and Apple execs and engineers up at night. That’s where the next generation of tech dominance is going to be won or lost. Unless, as the WSJ suggests today, Apple’s already won.”

“Google Music, Amazon Cloud Drive, and Apple’s iCloud may sound similar, but the first two really couldn’t be more different from the last. Google and Amazon’s plan is to zap your music to you anywhere, anytime. It’s a streaming future that’s only going to be as convenient—and expensive—as your data plan. Apple, meanwhile, has opted for a syncing solution that blasts all of your content to all of your devices and stores it there for easy access. Which looks like it might be a double whammy.”

Read the entire article here:
Apple’s Secret Cloud Weapon Is Already Inside Your Phone.


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