Rumor: Apple’s Lion To Launch On Wed. July 6th | T-Gaap

“We’ve just received word from our source in the San Francisco Bay Area that Apple is planning to release Mac OS X 10.7 Lion on Wednesday, July 6th at 9:00 am Pacific Time.”

“One particular item of interest about this news is that with OS X Lion being an online-release-only, Apple can wait until the 11th hour to release new OS. They don’t have to first lock it down, then press it onto DVDs, then box it, then ship to their hundreds of stores and through distribution in order to meet a certain publicly announced launch date. With an online release, Apple just needs to upload the final release to their servers and then make it available.”

“While we have no second source to corroborate the claim of a July 6th launch date, it does align well with Apple’s fiscal quarter. Apple has also said it won’t be shipping any new hardware until Lion is released. Therefore, letting Lion out of its cage as soon as possible gives Apple the opportunity to sell the most hardware within that time frame.”

Rumor: Apple’s Lion To Launch On Wed. July 6th – Three Guys and a Podcast.


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