Pool Party Photo Sharing iPhone App | VentureBeat

Google has spent most of the week talking up its new social service Google+, which aims to revolutionize the way people communicate online, including how they share photos. However, that isn’t stopping the company from launching other photo-related projects at the same time.

Last week, the company quietly launched Pool Party, a photo-sharing service with an emphasis on creating and sharing group photo albums in real time.

The new service has applications in both Apple’s App Store and the Android Market, but don’t bother trying to download them right now. Like Google+, Pool Party is currently in invite-only beta testing. To get an invite, you either need to know someone using the service or patiently wait for Google to send you an invitation after signing up on Pool Party’s website.

Pool Party was developed within Google by the same team that created photo service Slide, which Google acquired for $187 million in August 2010. It’s also the same team that developed the group-messaging, photo-sharing app Disco for Google in March.

Read the entire article here:
Pool Party photo sharing app: Google’s other service you didn’t get an invite for | VentureBeat.


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