Blu-ray Playback Comes to OS X, But NOT From Apple | TUAW

We all know Steve Jobs does not want Blu-ray to be on Macs. He famously referred to the licensing rules for Sony’s format as a “bag of hurt.”

Nevertheless, people do want to play movies on their Macs, and not be ripping DVDs or going to the iTunes store. With Blu-ray disks getting more popular, most computer manufacturers offer Blu-ray playback as an option.

Now, you can join the club if you have a recent Mac. Macgo is offering a software player, the first on the Mac, and you can try it free for 90 days. If you like it, it’s $39.95 for what’s called “a life-time version.” The app also supports DVD playback. Of course you need either an external or internal Blu-ray writer that you’ll need to buy and set up yourself.

Read the entire article here:
Blu-ray playback comes to OS X, but not from Apple | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog.


2 thoughts on “Blu-ray Playback Comes to OS X, But NOT From Apple | TUAW

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