Where Are All The Non-Phone Android Devices? | FriendsofMac

If Android is so great, then where are all the non-phone Android devices? Sure, if you look hard enough you can find some off-brand Chinese Android version of an Apple gadget on the grey market but it’ll never have a CNET review, be on the shelf at you local Best Buy, or be made to the quality standards that a mainstream device would be. OK, so Android tablets are fairly mainstream (not in comparison to the iPad, but they’re out there) and I found a few posts from 2009 that talked about running Android on a laptop, but where are the Android Touches and the Andriod MP3 players? They don’t exist!

Now obviously we are biased towards Apple products here at FOM. We love all of the juicy treats that the folks in Cupertino produce for us. We love our iMacs, iPads, iPhones, Touches, Nanos, and yes even our quirky little Apple TVs. Many of these devices run iOS, Apples mobile operating system, in one form or another.

As fanboys, we live in a iOS versus Android world. Just as we are pro iStuff, many of our friends and co-workers are “Android People”. The back and forth is borderline insanity! Android stole this; Apple stole that. The companies who manufacture the products are just as bad, only they have lawyers. Apple v. Samsung and Samsung v. Apple we read about a new patent lawsuit almost weekly.

Does the market even demand non-phone Android devices? I don’t know. In today’s market all-in-one gadgets seem to “where it’s at”. For now, I don’t want my kids on a voice or data plan so the iPod Touch is perfect for them. They can use Wi-Fi in our home, which is more than sufficient for people who range from ages 3 to 11.

The simple truth is that all of the back and forth only pushes both platforms to be better. It’s the same in every competing business. Sure, Honda is a great car company, but how good would they be without Toyota? The list goes on and on. Bottom line: whether your toting an iPhone or a Driod you, the consumer, win!

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One thought on “Where Are All The Non-Phone Android Devices? | FriendsofMac

  1. The iPad and iPod Touch have no rivals because the cel companies have little or no influence over the purchase of these devices. I work with kids and teenagers. They don’t want non-phone Android devices.

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