Boxee QWERTY remote available for PC and Mac – Yahoo! News

With Internet TV on the rise, everyone is looking for a good way to control entertainment from afar with the power of a keyboard. The Boxee Box remote is one of our favorite stabs at this. It fluidly combines a thumbable QWERTY keyboard with a wireless remote simple enough to control an Apple product. Well, those who don’t want to get a Boxee Box can now buy a USB version of the remote from D-Link, which is compatible with PC and Mac.

“The Boxee Remote Control is ideal for home theater enthusiasts who have customized their home entertainment environment with a specialized PC or Mac media center, but still want the Boxee Box’s unique viewing experience on their TV,” said Daniel Kelley, D-Link’s Associate Vice President of Consumer Marketing, North America. “We are thrilled to offer this complementary tool to consumers already using Boxee’s software on their home computers – enabling people to more easily search, browse and type from the couch.”

The Boxee Remote by D-Link (DSM-22) is available on Amazon, TigerDirect, NewEgg, and for $49.99.

Read the entire story here:
Boxee QWERTY remote available for PC and Mac – Yahoo! News.


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