Apple Reflecting Dramatic Improvements in iPad 2 Availability | Apple Insider

For the first time since its launch in early March, customers in the market for a new iPad 2 can order it direct from Apple and have it shipped to their doorstep in a week or less, the company disclosed on its online store Thursday.

Between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, lead times for the market-leading tablet device dropped to just 3-5 days from 1-2 weeks on the Cupertino-based company’s online store. That’s a marked improvement from overwhelming backlog of 4-5 weeks customers saw during the iPad 2’s first month on the market.

Ironically, the improvements in availability come in the face of a report from DigiTimes, which claimed Thursday Apple’s share of the tablet market in June slipped to 50% from its average of 60-70% due to supply shortages.

Read the entire article here:
AppleInsider | Apple reflecting dramatic improvements in iPad 2 availability.


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