I Use Apple Products Because They Work, It’s That Simple | The Loop

I’ve had a lot of people ask me over the years why I use Apple products and if I even have any experience using PCs and devices other than Apple’s.

First, let me say that the reason I use Apple products is very simple — they work. I don’t even know what downtime is anymore. That’s the single most important reason to use any product.

I didn’t start using Macs because we started MacCentral and I felt I should use Macs to be true to the site. In fact, it happened the exact opposite — the Mac came first and then we started the site. That carried on through Macworld and now The Loop.

Before using a Mac, I used PCs, just like many other people that are now Mac users. Like most, I found the experience frustrating and more work than what it was worth to just keep it up and running.

Read the entire article here:
I use Apple products because they work, it’s that simple.


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