RUMOR: Apple iPod Touch With 3G Version Price and Release Date | Info Gadget Online

As the Apple fans, you must be waiting for the upcoming Apple product, right? and today, you must be glad because we bring you information about it. According to SmartHouse, Apple will release the next iPod Touch with 3G version which could be introduced in this september. Do you know what’s the 3G version meaning for? it means, you will be available to download music or videos on your iPod touch without having to be near of a WiFi network and this is really great idea from apple because they know what the customer want.

The upcoming Apple iPod Touch 3G version will also featured by a micro SIM that will let you save music or videos file more and if you are gamers, you can use it to access gaming networks because it has good screen which is ideal for gaming. It sounds good and we hope when coming to the market with very affordable price and not too far cost from the previous version.

We can’t wait to tell you more about the specs and features of this Apple iPod Touch 3G version because we also heard that it will let you use Skype to make VoIP voice and video chats (the newest facebook’s features cooperate with Skype) on your each facebook account. Let’s hope when it coming in september the price just like the previous version and we all be available to have it and enjoy all of these great features.

Apple iPod Touch with 3G version Price and Release date | Info Gadget Online.


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