HP Fiddles While Apple Innovates | CNET News

HP’s paradox is that it sits in the cradle of innovation–Silicon Valley–but fails to innovate. And HP is the original Valley start-up, founded in a garage more than 70 years ago, long before Apple’s legendary start.

Fast forward to the reign of former CEO Carly Fiorina. She talked a lot about going back to the garage but never actually went back. And nothing in device-design innovation changed with her successor, Mark Hurd.

I’m hoping, as always, for change with the current CEO Leo Apotheker. But his focus is still the on the enterprise–which demands design stability–the antithesis of innovation. A profitable segment, yes, but not one that can create an iPod or even a MacBook Air.

And a recent statement by Apotheker doesn’t offer much hope. “If you use a state-of-the-art laptop it is as sleek, as slim as [an iPad],” he said at the D9 conference last month. Really? I have yet to see an HP laptop that comes near the iPad in thinness (0.34 inch) and portability (1.33 pounds). In fact, the only thing that gets close is another Apple product: the 11.6-inch MacBook Air.

Read the entire article here:
HP fiddles while Apple innovates | Nanotech – The Circuits Blog – CNET News.


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