Kingston Wi-Drive Wireless Storage for iOS Review (video) — Engadget

With nearly 350,000 apps and counting, the iPhone’s maximum capacity of 32GB doesn’t allow you to even scratch the surface of the App Store’s catalog. Throw in an HD movie, some TV episodes, hundreds of tracks and a few thousand photos, and you’ll be chewing through those available bytes in no time. Most manufacturers compensate this limitation by including a microSD slot for additional storage, but not Apple — you’re stuck with that original capacity until you’re ready to upgrade to a new device. Luckily, for those who need more storage now and don’t mind paying for it, AirStash, Seagate’s GoFlex Satellite, and now Kingston’s ultra-slim Wi-Drive allow you to boost gigs without upgrading, or switching to another platform. None of these pocket servers come without compromise, however — you’ll be spending over $100 for even the most basic option, while adding yet another device to your portable mix.

Shipping by July 25th, the Kingston Wi-Drive is the latest entry to this budding category. The MiFi-sized device streams files over WiFi to as many as three iOS devices. The Wi-Drive works in conjunction with a free app and costs $130 for 16GB of storage and $175 for 32GB, which means it’s not more cost-effective than, say, buying a higher-capacity smartphone or tablet from the get-go. But if you need to boost capacity and can’t upgrade your device, or have maxed out its internal storage and are unwilling to unload some content, then you’re probably a good candidate for the Wi-Drive. It could also be a good fit for a family of iOS users looking to share movies in the car or on a plane (some airlines technically forbid wireless devices in-flight, so use at your own risk). Right now, you need an iOS device and free app to use the server, though Kingston hinted that it’s looking into adding an Android app in the future.

Read the entire article here:
Kingston Wi-Drive wireless storage for iOS review (video) — Engadget.


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