Will Apple Launch an iPhone Pro This Fall?

The rumors are getting bigger and we know this sort of thing is like a snowball, as time goes on and grows more and more the thing becomes uncontrollable. This time from This is my next are talking about the new generation iPhone would appear this year and would not be an iPhone Pro version 3, but for people working with video and photography.

One of the most striking things is that the resolution will be twice that currently has and go to anything less than 2048×1536. The name? How could it be otherwise, will be called iPhone HD.

The interesting thing is that you unveiled this information is not a rumor release anyone who wants to link to your site. This is Joshua Topolsky, Engadget’s former editor. He said this information comes from a reliable source. But as if this were not enough well and there was talk of a possible date and, best of all, missing a few months. There is talk of October.

Read the entire article here:
Apple will launch an iPhone Pro in October?.


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