Judgment Against Apple on iPod Patent Suit NOT Final | MacTech

The legal conclusions made in various tech writers blogs regarding a patent troll suit over playlists on iPod are faulty. While it is true a judgment went against Apple in the East Texas Federal Court, the likelihood of Apple actually paying 8 million dollars isn’t slam dunk, by any means.

Apple contends that not only did they not violate the 2 patents cited, both patents are invalid anyway. While three other companies who were also sued settled out of court, Apple hung in there and went to trial.

While 8 million dollars isn’t chump change to most of us, Apple can afford to appeal on numerous grounds or to file an appeal, or settle for a lot less than the full judgement. If Apple appeals and gets the patents thrown out, the other three defendants could likely bail out of the settlement agreement already made. That makes the plaintiff eager to settle out of court with Apple rather than risk everything on taking the case to appeal.

Read the entire article here:
Judgment against Apple on iPod Patent suit NOT final | MacTech.


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