New Macbooks & Mac Minis To Arrive Soon | MacTrast

Yesterday’s part numbers are now being reported as inventory numbers for new MacBook’s and Mac Mini’s. The refresh comes on the eve of what could be the release of OS X Lion, Apple’s next-generation operating system.

The Mini is poised to come as a basic model, a slightly more customizable model, and a Mini Server. All of which we’ve seen in previous Mac Mini models. Which chips will power the new models still remains a mystery.

MacTrast Reports:

Apple is likely to soon announce a refresh to their Macbook and Mac Mini range. Originally it was thought that leaked part numbers outed an impending Macbook Air and Mac Pro refresh, however, a source close to 9to5 has come forward and claimed the part numbers are for a Macbook and Mac Mini refresh.

It is likely that a Macbook refresh will see Thunderbolt support and faster processors.

You have to wonder why Apple persist with the white Macbook at this stage. I personally fully expected the Macbook not to have another run out and instead be laid to rest. Apple already offer a Macbook, the 11″ Air, at a price under $1,000 and the entry-level white Macbook doesn’t fit the current aluminum range of Macbooks, so why persist? Seems a strange decision to me.

Read the entire article here:
New Macbooks & Mac Minis To Arrive Soon | MacTrast.


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