New Netflix Plans Open the Door for Apple, Others | The Mac Observer

With a miscalculated stroke of the pen, well, an untimely e-mail, Netflix has made its first major blunder in the online, streaming video wars. Netflix could end up losing money as well as help Apple cement its relationships with its movie watching customers.

Yesterday, Netflix mailed a notice to all its customers. Here’s what mine looked like:

In my case, the increase in cost, to keep the equivalent service after September 1, amounts to a massive 50 percent hike. (US$11.99 -> $17.98.) That’s really tough to swallow, and like many others, I strongly suspect, it will force Netflix customers to fundamentally question what kind of service they want to take forward.

That’s a monumental jolt, and one that Netflix seems not to have fully thought out. That is, when the price jolt is that extreme and forces customers to immediately question the value proposition, in light of other services they have, it’s a business blunder. It’s no longer a no brainer that we’ll continue our Netflix service, as is, forever. Netflix has forced our hand, and that’s unwise.

Read the entire article here:
New Netflix Plans Open the Door for Apple, Others | Editorial | The Mac Observer.


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