StumbleUpon Revamps iPad App, Offers New Interface | MacNN

Web site community aggregator StumbleUpon has redesigned the iPad version of its iOS app to embrace the unique features of the iPad more fully, adding a visually richer interface, easier swipe-based navigation, more portability of the users’ StumbleUpon account and easier sharing to Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. The program lets users explore articles, videos, photos and other internet media organized by category.

Users can explore community-recommended sites by swiping from page to page, or hit random recommendations using the “Stumble” button. They can compile a list of favorite sites and view friends’ recommendations, as well as see what friends and others have liked or commented on. Notifications can be activated to alert users to any new friend recommendations, and likewise users can instantly share their own discoveries using StumbleUpon or other social networks or e-mail.

Read the entire article here:
StumbleUpon revamps iPad app, offers new interface | MacNN.


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