False Alarms and Photoshop Plagued Expected #Lion 1AM Release Date | FOM

It was a LONG night last night and it all started at 6PM Mountain Time, which is 1AM in the UK. There we were, thousands of us in our PJ’s, patiently waiting to give Apple $30 for the next big cat. 1AM came and went without a single Lion spotting. Bummer. All of a sudden everyone thought maybe it was supposed to happen at 1AM GMT, so again we waited and again, nothing at 1AM.

That’s when the App Store went down!

Finally, what we were all waiting for! Twitter was buzzing and it was world-wide. All of the App Stores were down! After an hour the US Store was back up, but NO LION. Now it was just a waiting game, Lion was locked & loaded and all that was left was for Steve Jobs to flip the on switch. Hours went by, NO LION.

Then it happened, someone posted this pic:

Holy crap! We’re getting it, we’re getting it. Well, not so much. A hack Photoshop job had all the waiters in a frenzy, including and especially me. So here I sit at 6:31AM hoping for a Hail Mary pass from Cupertino, a 7/14 launch of Lion. The Apple Stores haven’t opened on the East Coast so it’s still possible that the new hardware might just contain the beast we’ve been chasing all night.

NO LION, yet, but I’m still hopeful!


2 thoughts on “False Alarms and Photoshop Plagued Expected #Lion 1AM Release Date | FOM

  1. Breathe, people, breathe. All Apple said was “July.” A bunch of websites and bloggers claiming to have “sources” speculated the new OS would drop on July 6 … then 14 … and everybody assumed that speculation was the same as fact. Well guess what, it isn’t. So don’t get all whiny and disappointed when the rumors you’d convinced yourselves were true turn out not to be. There’s still more than half of July left for Apple to meet the only deadline it actually offered publicly.

    There. I got that off my chest. I feel better now.

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