iPhone and iPad 2 Cause Google’s Android to Lose Developer Support | MacDailyNews

“In this new age of mobile computing, Apple and Google’s long-term success depends largely on their ability to amass third-party developer support. Developer innovation improves the way consumers connect with others, entertain themselves, work, and more, all through apps,” Charles Newark-French reports for Flurry.. “The better a platform provider can attract unique and superior content, the more attractive the hardware device appears to consumers prior to purchase, and the more loyalty is created after purchase.”

“Last week, Apple reported it had sold a cumulative 200 million iOS devices, that over 425,000 apps are now available in the App Store and that total downloads have surpassed 15 billion. From the developer’s point of view, most attractive is that consumers who access the App Store all have credit cards on file with iTunes,” Newark-French reports.

Read the entire article here:
Verizon iPhone and iPad 2 cause Google’s Android to lose developer support to Apple’s iOS – MacDailyNews – Welcome Home.


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