[#Jailbreak] Multiple User Accounts on #iPad With iUsers | OSX Daily

One of the most highly desired features of iOS by anyone who shares an iPad is the ability to have multiple user accounts. This would allow parents to share iPads with their kids, friends to share with friends, and me to share the iPad with my girlfriend, and everyone could have their own custom springboard, app settings, wallpapers, and settings without interfering with others.

Multi-user accounts won’t be appearing officially in iOS anytime soon – as far as anyone knows – but if you jailbreak your iPad you can get an app from Cydia that does allow you to access and switch between multiple user accounts on the iPad right now.

Side note: if you’re new to jailbreaking but want to try this out, the absolute easiest jailbreak method for iPad and iPad 2 is by using JailbreakMe 3 with iOS 4.3.3, it’s entirely web-based at jailbreakme.com and as simple as it gets, just be sure to backup your iPad before starting.

Read the entire article here:
Enable and Switch Between Multiple User Accounts on iPad with iUsers.


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