Netflix’s Rate Hike Gives iTunes a New Glow | Mac News

I can’t imagine that many Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) fans were pleased to open an email announcement from the company recently stating it’s splitting its streaming and DVDs-by-mail plan into two plans, effectively jacking up the rates. In my case, come September, my current US$9.99 per month deal will leap to $15.98.

When I read the email, I looked around, and yes, it turns out that my budget is the same at my house as it was six months ago. But a $6 rate increase — is that really something to get excited about? I can blow more than $6 on a spur of the moment swing into a fast-food restaurant, or by downing a few extra beers when my team loses. So yeah, when it comes to six bucks, budgets are relative. But we’re not so much talking about a budget as we are a monthly bill, and bills are more controllable.

Instead of being a no-brainer subscription at $9.99, Netflix is basically requiring some portion of its customers to think about it at $15.98. More to the point, they can now consider their viewing habits and decide how they want to spend their video-watching time and money: mostly lackluster streaming content with some hidden gems, or new releases and most anything else on DVD?

Read the entire article here:
Mac News: iTunes Store: Netflix’s Rate Hike Gives iTunes a New Glow.


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