OS X #Lion GM Still Buggy | FOM

Bad Lion

We’re getting reports from Twitter and several of our readers that the Gold Master version of Lion that was released to developers and subsequently downloaded by thousands of impatient end-users is still somewhat buggy.

  • Three-finger horizontal scroll kills Twitter’s horizontal scroll
  • Twitter for Mac can’t be quit and therefore OSX won’t shut down
  • External keyboard doesn’t work anymore
  • 5 minutes using Lion and RAM drops down to 200MB
  • Mission Control feature adds a lot, but it deletes vertical functionality in Spaces
  • Can’t seem to get the hang of reverse scrolling in Lion (Which can be changed in System Preferences > Mouse)

We’d love to hear what all of you have found. Sound off in the Comments!


10 thoughts on “OS X #Lion GM Still Buggy | FOM

  1. Really you expect that a Beta version don´t have any bugs? every beta has bugs even more when we are talking about OS, i have the GME of Lion and I`m enjoying it so much even reverse scrolling

  2. Lion is terribly buggy. At least the so-called GM seed.
    – The loginwindow process crashes from time to time, forcing me to re-login and re-opening all my apps.
    – Oh and don’t give me that crap about saved app states – that works for half of the apps, and is quite often annoying: When I’ve read a PDF in Preview I usually apple-Q it – next time I open a different PDF, Preview pops up with that OLD PDF PLUS the new one .. I understand why it happens, but good usability it is not… Not to mention how meaningless it is for Terminal (which I use mostly for SSH sessions).
    – Graphics glitches pop up everywhere. Sleep/wake very often results in QuartzGL (or whatever it’s called today) being disabled for some/all apps, causing graphics to be slow and flickery
    – Even if above does not happen, the spotlight window will flash madly when I type in it – usually this will start happening relatively soon after logging in. Not sure what triggers it, but it’s ugly.
    – The way spaces are handled now is ridiculous. When I change to another desktop, the one that slides in is empty (no desktop icons), and apps that should be “sticky” across desktops are gone – until the animation is finished. Then the apps flash back into existence, along with desktop icons. And after that’s done, the Z-order is restored – sometimes. Problem is – in the meantime I might have started typing or clicking, and then the Z-order restore messes everything up – visual focus and input focus no longer match.

    And that’s just some of the issues I’m having.. This is by FAR the LEAST polished BETA I’ve seen from Apple since pre 10.1…


  3. This reminds me of the time I came back from abroad. I hadn’t spoken English in a year. I had a hard time remembering that English is inflexible about word order, and I’d get halfway through a sentence, then I had to start over again. I had to put the verb in the middle of the sentence, even though it for me more natural seemed, the verb at the end to put. After a while, I to it eventually accustomed became. “Reverse” scrolling to learn in comparison a snap is. Now no longer like Yoda talking I am.

  4. Scrolling has been reversed all along, because the mouse moved the scrollbar, not the window contents. When you scroll up, the window contents go down. Scroll down, the window contents go up. Lion actually un-reverses scrolling. Give it a little time and you’ll see that its more intuitive.

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