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McLean, Virginia – Smart Apps For Kids, a leading reviewer of educational apps, reviews NxtApp 4 Kids and answers the question “Why is this an important iPhone app to download?” NxtApp 4 Kids is a smart number sequencing game that sharpens kids mental math skils in a fun-filled atmosphere. It is farm-themed with engaging barnyard animals holding banners with sequences.

Smart Apps For Kids writes: “NxtApp 4 Kids is an excellent number sequencing game where children must identify the given numerical pattern to correctly fill-in-the-blank. Regularly priced at $1.99, the app is temporarily on launch-sale for 99 cents. I highly recommend it.”

The app includes five skill levels which range from simple counting in Stage 1 (6, 7, 8, ?) to the far-more advanced Stage 5 (6, 14, 22, ?). Children must use addition and subtraction to get through the five levels. Each section has 10 questions and the player’s time is recorded so they can try to beat their high score the next time they play. The app is also Gamecenter connected so that a child/parent can see how the top scores compare to others,

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Why is this an Important iPhone App to Download? | MacMegasite.


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