Dragon Go! Makes iOS a Breeze | 148Apps

The app that I have been dreaming about for far too long.

Have you ever been firing up your iPhone and felt so lazy that it seemed like drudgery to just fire up a necessary application? For those us us that like to provide the least amount of effort necessary for every task, I present to you Dragon Go!

Imagine being able to find the showtimes for the most recent Harry Potter flick by simply asking the iPhone “Harry Potter Showtimes.” Dragon Go! is just that smart. All you need to do is use a few keywords for the application, plus have a constantly connected 3G connection, and the tool handles all the rest.

Gone are the days of the finger press, because this is the app I have been dreaming of for far too long. On the other side of the effort coin this must also be a godsend for iPhone owners with disabilities, because of the enhanced use that the device can now provide. No matter how you look at it, this is a free tool that is well worth the download.

Dragon Go! Makes iOS a Breeze – Blog – 148Apps – iPhone App and Game Reviews and News.


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