Latest iOS Update ONLY Prevents Apple iPad 2 Jailbreaking | The Apple iPad Fan

Jailbreaking. The process involving removal of an OS maker’s restrictions for items such as allowed apps, programs, themes and more isn’t entirely illegal according to Library of Congress amendments to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Positive news for those wishing to jailbreak their iOS devices, the iPad, iPhone and/or iPod Touch. While technically legal, Apple doesn’t particularly care for the process and with the release of the latest iOS update, 4.3.4, attempted to block jailbreaking.

Apple has gone so far as to argue, unsuccessfully, that the U.S. government should ban jailbreaking because the process could potentially allow terrorists to turn their iPhones into digital weapons. The company refuses to provide users with the means to openly jailbreak their devices, leading to the creation of exploit methods by others making jailbreaking possible.

In response, Apple closes the discovered loopholes with updates to iOS in the form of a “security fix”.

Such is the impetus for Apple’s most recent update, iOS 4.3.4. The update from Apple patches the mishandling of fonts in PDF files, previously used for jailbreaking or malicious code execution.

The update successfully accomplished its goals for all Apple devices running iOS except for the iPad 2.

Uncovered by Redmond Pie, the PwnageTool, released shortly after the iOS update, lets users jailbreak any iOS device running iOS 4.3.4 with the exception of the iPad 2.

So, fans of the iPad 2, unfortunately your device cannot be jailbroken provided you don’t install iOS 4.3.4.

What do you think of Apple’s anti-jailbreak stance? Do you believe one should be allowed to jailbreak an iOS device?

Latest iOS Update ONLY Prevents Apple iPad 2 Jailbreaking | The Apple iPad Fan – iPad 3 news.


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