Samsung’s Shameless Smart Cover Rip-Off | Cult of Mac

What peels away from your tablet’s display, folds to allow you to prop it up or type on it, comes in five pastel colors and has a product name that starts with the word ‘smart?’

Apple’s Smart Cover for iPad 2 is a good guess. But that’s not what we’re talking about here: we’re talking about the Smart Case for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1. And hey, no surprise here: Samsung’s officially certified the copycat Smart Cover to be used with their copycat iPad.

The Smart Case is a blatant imitation of the Smart Cover in everything except the way it fixes to the Galaxy Tab: because the Tab 10.1 doesn’t have magnets to affix the case, the Smart Case instead affixes to the back of the Tab, which affords some additional protection from dings.

We’d be tempted to leave it there. It’s a blatant rip-off, but the accessory world is filled with many such rip-offs, and Samsung can’t be faulted for this one.

Read the entire article here:
Samsung Certifies The Most Shameless Smart Cover Rip-Off You’ll Ever See | Cult of Mac.


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