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I have already discussed about the expected features of the most anticipated Apple iPhone 5 in my previous posts. It’s currently unknown whether iPhone 5 will receive the new gesture functions such as the “smart bezel”. But the new iOS 5 beta is revealing a new set of gestures that could replace the traditional Home button.

Rumors about the fabled “smart bezel” have faded away as the iPhone 5 becomes more and more of a reality. In the very beginning of the iPhone 5 rumors, Smart bezel was also coupled with the related iPhone 5 rumors that Apple would get rid of the physical Home button and the smart bezel will diversify gesture control areas on the iPhone 5 and will also open up new ways to control the device.

However, even if Apple doesn’t bring hardware modifications like Smart bezels and moved Home buttons onto the iPhone 5, the newest version iOS 5 beta, once it is released, will equip the new iPhone 5 with new gestures to play around with.

Assistive Touch Feature iOS 5 Beta 3 No Home buttons in iPhone 5The latest iOS 5 beta features Assistive Touch. Assistive Touch displays an overlay menu that pop ups the user with commands that requires certain physical actions such as rotating the screen or shaking the device.

The AppleInsider reports:

With Assistive Touch, an overlay menu is displayed that presents the user with commands that usually require certain physical actions, such as rotating the screen or shaking the device. This new feature allows for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to be more accessible to those who may not be able to accomplish these tasks.

At present Assistive Touch offers limited functionality. It performs basic functions such as locking the screen, rotating the screen, adjusting the volume, and pinch/swipe movements. But the most interesting thing about the Assistive Touch is the ability to customize gestures. Users can create custom gestures, they can also trace certain patterns or can do movements with fingers on the screen to perform some tasks that may be difficult. These gestures can then be given a name and can be accessed from the Assistive Touch menu.

Well we are already aware of that iOS 5 will work fully with the iPhone 4 and will even offer some limited functionality with the iPhone 3GS. But in spite of iOS 5’s flexibility to work on previous generation iPhone devices, it has clearly been developed keeping the upcoming iPhone 5 in mind. After all, the iOS 5 was released after the iPad 2 but before the iPhone 5.

It seems that the idea of Apple to add more sophisticated gesture control to a sprawling new iPhone 5 screen would be an ideal way to further boast of the iPhone 5’s new dimensions.

We really won’t know exactly how the Assistive Touch works until we see how it fits on the iPhone 5, but in the end, it proves to be just as impressive as a smart bezel.

No Home buttons in iPhone 5 | iPhone 5.


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