Apple Waves Goodbye to Boxed Retail Software | AppleInsider

Further emphasizing the Mac App Store as the preferred place to get new software for Mac OS X, Apple on Wednesday discontinued a slew of boxed software products.

Virtually all of Apple’s retail software was declared “end of life” on Wednesday in a notification sent to resellers. Products that will no longer be available in a boxed form include ‘iWork ’09, Aperture 3, iLife ’11, Apple Remote Desktop, and various Jam Packs for GarageBand.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the launch of the Mac App Store had hastened Apple’s plans to cease the sale of boxed software in the company’s retail stores. It was said that boxed software takes up a large amount of shelf space in the company’s retail stores, and software is less profitable than devices like the iPhone or iPad.

Apple also moved this year to drastically reduce the number of games made available at its stores, whittling the number down from 32 to 8. Customers are instead advised that they can download titles for Mac OS X from the Mac App Store.

Apple also cut some products from its stores to clear shelf space, including printers and scanners. But unlike the software, which has been removed completely, the hardware options are available for sale if a customer requests them.

The full list of applications declared “end of life” by Apple on Wednesday to resellers is included below:
AppleInsider | Apple initiates mass discontinuation of boxed retail software.


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