OS X Lion – Trackpad Scroll Changes | FOM

So you updated your Mac to the latest version of Apple’s Operating System lineup OS X Lion, and the first thing you probably noticed (at least I did) was that scrolling in windows was reversed, or as Apple calls it…”natural.” Essentially dragging up moves the window down, as if you had a long piece of paper on the desk in front of you, you grabbed it with two fingers and pushed up it would move the paper up thus showing you whats below the curent viewing space. This maybe something some of you like, but for the rest of you its a simple process to change and go back to the way it was in Snow Leopard.


Head over to System Preferences, Trackpad, Scroll & Zoom. Uncheck the “Scroll direction: natural” This will put you back to the way it was in Snow Leopard and keep some of us sane.


5 thoughts on “OS X Lion – Trackpad Scroll Changes | FOM

  1. I think Apple is trying to get rid of the mouse as much as possible and get everyone onto that trackpad… but they should’ve (note the correct usage and not the nonsensical “should of”) realized that this is impractical when dealing with certain types of software. Some things are much easier to accomplish with the mouse… especially when dealing with graphic design or speed. I find it much faster to use the mouse overall for most point-and-click work.

  2. Joe I completely feel your pain, sometimes I think developers get it wrong, the trackpad changes in terms of scrolling is one of them. I like the added gestures, they should of left the scrolling alone.

  3. OK, strike that. I just tried it on some stuff in iTunes and it worked normally. Maybe it’s just Launchpad and how it was implemented that was fracked 4 ways from Sunday. It just isn’t comfortable using it on a computer. On a touch screen it’s fine.

  4. There’s a problem with this. With the default way Lion is set up, the vertical scrolling is backwards from Snow Leopard… but the horizontal scrolling is the same. If you reverse the vertical scrolling, it also reverses the horizontal scrolling.

    What a fracking pain in my posterior.

    Vertical scrolling was like taking the mouse pointer and grabbing the scroll bar and moving it in that direction… but to get that same feel, you end up screwing yourself on the horizontal scrolling (which you use in Launchpad).

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