Lion wins Over Reviewers with 90% Giving it 5 Stars | 9to5Mac

Apple’s next-generation Mac operating system, OS X Lion, just launched this morning, and it has already become the top paid app on the Mac App Store and has garnered 6756 reviews as of this writing. The most amazing part to us is the user reaction to the product, as demonstrated by the Mac App Store’s star-based review system. Some have called OS X Lion a leap forward for the Mac and others have called it an operating system that takes some getting used to.

Namely the use of Mission Control instead of features like Expose and Spaces in Snow Leopard, Multi-Touch gestures all around, inverted scrolling, auto-saving, and the lack of application indicators in the dock. These major changes don’t seem to be hurting early adopters of the software product with 6067 of the 6756 reviewers giving OS X Lion a five star rating. That’s just about 90%. Four stars comes in second, followed by three and one stars tied for third/fourth, and two stars being selected by the least amount of users.

Looking at the most critical reviews, the majority are regarding download issues and third-party application compatibility. Not necessarily the new features and major changes in the operating system that are inspired by the iPad’s innovations. The more favorable reviews seem to love the changes, with some calling it the “greatest OS ever,” “mind-blowing,” and saying “it was worth the wait.”

Lion wins over App Store reviewers with 90% giving it 5 stars on day one | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence.


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