iPod 5G Parts/Design Pictures [Leaked] | WORLD’S HOT CAKE

Pod touch 5G is said to be similar to the iPod touch 4G.Parts for a new white Apple iPod touch have appeared. It’s believed that Apple will release a new color scheme after the launch of its next-generation iPhone in late August or early September.

The leaked images show the iPod touch’s digitizer component below:

Production will start by next month and the Cupertino-based company has already placed orders for the new color scheme. There are reports that the iPod touch 5G will be more of a internal upgrade then a full redesign

While we are expecting the iPhone 5 to pack a dual-core processor, Apple may hold off on updating the hardware guts of the iPod touch entirely.

The iPod touch 5G will feature a dual core A5 processor inorder to have a speed upgrade and 3G cellular data.

The screen is expected to be 960×640 (at 326 ppi) resolution of the iPod touch 4G. Screen size, buttons and navigation bars will remain like the former iPod.

iPod 5G Parts/design Pictures [Leaked] | WORLD’S HOT CAKE.

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