Turn Any iPhone / iPad Web App Into A Mac App | MacTrast

Websites that make iPhone or iPad specific sites can be great. They trim down all the crap and show as much content you need to navigate their site. Adverts get removed, banners get binned, visual noise gets switched off – when done right the iPhone/iPad site can even provide a better experience than the web browser version!

A simple automator script can turn your favorite iPhone / iPad web apps into Mac OS X apps. This will allow you experience their iPhone / iPad website & design on your Mac and furthermore you can access this website through a customized App icon that sits in your Dock.

This screenshot features Facebook’s iPhone web app running on Lion while the app icon for the “app” features a custom icon that sits in my dock. The Facebook iPhone app is a great candidate for this approach because it removes the adverts, doesn’t feature chat, and the micro design gives Facebook a very Twitter.app like experience.

It literally took 5 minutes to setup the Facebook app using the below automator commands. For more info on how to setup your own iPhone or iPad web apps that will run on your Mac simply wander over here and check out this post by James Foley.

via Turn Any iPhone / iPad Web App Into A Mac App | MacTrast.

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