Verizon Will Support Personal Hotspot With 4G LTE iPad at Launch, AT&T Won’t | Apple Insider

Verizon has announced that customers who use a new iPad with 4G LTE on its network will be able to use the device’s Personal Hotspot feature, but AT&T officials have said they plan to enable the feature “in the future.”

A spokeswoman for Verizon told CNet on Thursday that the iPad’s new mobile hotspot feature will be available on its network at launch. Verizon was the first carrier to support the Personal Hotspot feature that debuted with the iPhone 4 last year.

AT&T, meanwhile, will not support the third-generation iPad’s Personal Hotspot functionality when it launches next week. A spokesman for the carrier indicated the company is “working with Apple to enable this feature in the future,” but offered no timetable for when it might become available.

Via Verizon will support Personal Hotspot with 4G LTE iPad at launch, AT&T won’t.


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