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In a welcome move, Apple’s iOS 5.1 update included, among other features, the return of Genius Mixes and Genius Playlist for subscribers to iTunes Match. At least, in theory. Initially, we—and many others, if Apple’s support discussions are any indication—found that the Genius features either didn’t work or didn’t even appear on our iOS devices after installing the 5.1 upgrade.

The Genius icon vanished for iTunes Match customers. But with iOS 5.1—and possibly a little elbow grease—you can now get it back.

Genius, which builds a playlist full of songs that you are likely in the mood to hear based on the initial song you select, and Genius Mixes, which algorithmically assemble mixes of your music based on Apple-identified commonalities, would at first glance seem to be perfect companions to Apple’s $25-per-year service for storing your music in iCloud. But, when iTunes Match first launched, customers discovered that enabling it on their iOS devices caused the two Genius options to vanish.

Then along came iOS 5.1, whose release notes stated (in part) that the update included “Genius Mixes and Genius playlists for iTunes Match subscribers.” iTunes Match subscribers the world over—or at least the two of us—rushed to install the update for that feature alone. But, that update didn’t immediately deliver on its promise. For one thing, Genius Mixes, which used to occupy a space on the toolbar in the iPhone’s Music app, were nowhere to be found.

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One thought on “Get Genius & iTunes Match to Live Together In Harmony | Macworld

  1. This is a great capability. I am only beginning to scratch the surface of the iTunes Match availabilities and am already addicted. I just signed up today and am very impressed.

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