iTunes Match: Well Worth the 2,499 Pennies | FOM

I recently lost my entire music library minus the purchased music stored in service with my Apple ID.  Miserable day when I realized that all the hard copy CD’s I had imported into my iTunes Library had been thrown to the wind.  I obviously hadn’t taken advantage of the optional, and now in my mind mandatory, safety nets that Apple has to offer.  Well now I have, I am willing to picket to the non-believers that iTunes Match is heaven sent.

Imagine not bogging down your computers existing hard drive or even an external hard drive with any of your music.  Imagine not having to cancel your plans every night for a week so that you can manually sit in front of your computer importing every song from every CD you own.  Now imagine the implemented blessing of never having to pay for all the music you already own via CD just so that’s its ease and availability in your network of devices doesn’t throw you into a spiraling mess of chaos and confusion. Now…..purchase iTunes Match, click a button, and watch these imagined blisses come into fruition.

My only immediate hesitations were the cost associated with it ($24.99) and the fact that it is a reoccurring annual fee.  My devilish plan, were I ever go through with the purchase, was to pay once, transfer all my music in to the cloud while simultaneously gaining dispersal rights within my own personal network, and since I stopped buying hard copies of music years ago, just call it good.  So, seemed like a sound one time investment and I pulled the trigger.  It worked! Its all there.  However, the more I explore into the newness of this, the more I think that in order to maintain the rights you will in fact need to re subscribe come your 1 year anniversary.  The reason being is that although you have this neat little cloud icon next to each of your songs ensuring you that it is available for download, it doesn’t default the same way that actual purchased music does.  Although this doesn’t quite kill the honeymoon phase, it does cause for an interruption in my little plan.  Boo Hoo! Okay now Im over it and still love what iTunes Match does so much Im budgeting for another payment of $24.99 this time next year.  Completely worth the comparable price of two tickets for a terrible matinee big screen movie.

Some helpful sources:
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