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Despite Apple’s ostensibly strict rules that prevent inappropriate content from its App Store, DC Entertainment, publisher of such upstanding heroes as Superman and Wonder Woman, is about to sneak through its first dedicated MAD Magazine app.

Not available until Sunday, which is known to watercooler comedians as both April Fools’ Day and the birthday of MAD mascot Alfred E. Neuman, the MAD app might surprise you: it’s not a waste of time.

Guarantees against it insulting your intelligence, however, have yet to be made.

The app itself will be free and offer some free content, although full issues of MAD will cost you. New issues of MAD run $4.99 in the app, while back issues go for $1.99. Unlike DC’s Comixology-powered app for its comic books, the MAD app, developed by 1K Studios, will offer digital subscriptions for $1.99 per issue or $9.99 per year. Current print subscribers will automatically get a free digital subscription.

It presents the magazine in a remarkably accessible manner. The full contents of each MAD issue are available on the iPad, including my favorite feature as a kid: the fold-in. For those not familiar with it, the fold-in is full-page illustration accompanied by a leading question. Fold it twice along its guidelines, and the illustration morphs into a humorous answer.

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