New Leaked iPhone 5 Images | The Apple iPad Fan

Could this be the front of your next iPhone? New images leaked to 9 to 5 Mac purport to show an all-new design for the next generation iPhone with a taller body, smaller dock connector and more.

Notable changes to the design of the device include placing the camera and LED flash farther apart, with what appears to be a microphone between them.

Further, the speaker has been redesigned, the headphone jack has been moved to the bottom of the device and the dock connector (something thought to be coming to the iPad) is significantly smaller than the 30-pin slot current iPhones have.

The font used for the word “iPhone” on the white/silver model appears odd, but these being possible prototypes that’s not surprising.

If the new iPhone matches these leaks, it will feature contrasting bands on the top and bottom and contains new, louder, better quality speakers. Interestingly, both sources say multiple colors of the device, not only the standard black and white.

What do you think? Is this what the next iPhone will look like?

Via: New leaked iPhone 5 images reveal larger screen, aluminum back and more | The Apple iPad Fan


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