Comparing Apple iOS 6 with Android 4.0, Windows Phone 7.5 | iPhone Atlas – CNET Reviews

At Apple’s annual developers conference this year, Scott Forstall, senior vice president of iOS software, introduced a slew of new features for its latest mobile OS.

Among them are updates to the virtual personal assistant/voice command software, Siri, integration with a handful of automotive manufacturers, message replies for incoming calls, and the ability to FaceTime over a cellular network.

While it’s nice to see that iOS 6 will boast 200 new features compared to the previous iteration, some have been long overdue. Integrated Facebook photo sharing and turn-by-turn navigation have been available on other mobile operating systems for some time now. Here, we take a look at the new features of iOS 6 and see whether or not these services have already existed on other platforms. To make for a cleaner comparison, we chose the latest version of all three OS’.

Sometimes, breaking down what each OS offers depends on what devices you’re looking at. The Samsung Galaxy S III, which is slated to come out in the following weeks, promises a voice assistant known as S-Voice.

Similar to Apple’s Siri, S-Voice reaches beyond what Google’s Voice Actions can do. It can launch apps (both native and third-party ones), schedule events, and fetch weather info.

Microsoft’s voice action software, Tellme, isn’t as complex as S-Voice or Siri, but it can launch applications as well.

Likewise, Apple’s Photo Stream feature, which does exactly what it sounds, is similar to the Galaxy S III’s Share Shot. Both services let you share photo streams instantaneously with your friends.

Keep in mind that only a few devices are equipped with Android 4.0, so devices with Gingerbread or earlier will not have the features described above. However, it’s easy to see how Google’s mobile OS has forced Apple’s hand into incorporating some highly demanded features. Windows Phone, on the other hand, has a long ways to go compared to both OS’.

Via: Comparing Apple iOS 6 with Android 4.0, Windows Phone 7.5 | iPhone Atlas – CNET Reviews.


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