Google Admits Failure In Copying iOS, Excuses Its Patent Infringement With Communist Rhetoric | Roughlydrafted Magazine

Google has has issued its latest defense for having appropriated Apple’s intellectual property: an argument that insists some inventions are so good that they should be wrenched from their patent holders by the government and distributed to the proletariat of Android licensees so that Google can make unfettered money selling ads on its stolen platform..

After an initial attempt to insist that other company’s patents and other intellectual property simply don’t exist and can be infringed upon without limit, Google next embarked upon a multibillion dollar effort to assemble its own patent portfolio, including the $12 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility, a sale that was expressly made to obtain its patents.

Google has since perpetuated Motorola’s own offensive patent attacks against competitors, seeking not just injunctions but injunctions based on Standards Essential Patents, a particular subset of patents that have already been dedicated to special Fair, Reasonable and NonDiscriminatory licensing terms by their holders.

This, in itself, was such a brazenly hypocritical action that it should have gotten Google booed off the stage, or at least seated at the children’s table next to other egregiously notorious patent trolls Proview and Lodsys. Google is actually worse than the run of the mill patent trolls because it constantly whines about freedom, openness and the threat of patent abuse. That is, until it gets its first opportunity to abuse patents itself.

Google is now backing up for more public defecation on its reputation. What could be more hypocritical than arguing two sides of an argument at the same time? On one hand, Google is insisting on the right to demand outrageous fees from Microsoft over patents essential to H.264. Remember when this shameless company was grandstanding about how H.264 was bad for the web because it involved patent licensing under FRAND?

Now that Google owns some H.264 patents, it’s proving itself the main abuser–if not the only major abuser–of H.264 FRAND patents. What a shameful bag of di*ks!

Via Google Admits Failure In Copying iOS, Excuses Its Patent Infringement With Communist Rhetoric | Roughlydrafted Magazine

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