Fujifilm Compact Connects To iPhone And iPad Via Wi-Fi | Cult of Mac

It’s official: Wi-Fi is the new megapixels. Or something. What’s certain is that the camera phone market has forever mixed up the regular camera world, and in order to offer some form of uploading and editing convenience for their dumb offline boxes, camera makers are adding Wi-Fi. Specifically, Wi-Fi that will connect to your iPhone or Android device.

The latest is the Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR, a compact superzoom which will cost you $380.

The specs: The F800EXR has a 20x zoom (25-500 equivalent), shoots RAW still sand 1080p video, and has a three-inch, 460,000 dot rear screen, a 16MP sensor and ISO sensitivity up to 12,800.

To transfer and work with photos on your iPhone or iPad, you need to download two free apps, FUJIFILM Camera Application and FUJIFILM Photo Receiver. You can probably guess what these both do.

Once you have transferred the pictures (up to 30 at a time), the Camera Application can add GPS data from your phone and show the pictures on a map. This is great, as the alternative – the increasingly annoying Eye-Fi – won’t geotag your pictures.

For those lacking a smartphone, the camera will also add some of its own dreamy, Instagrammatical filters, but what’s the point of turning pictures of your breakfast all sepia if you can’t share them?

Should you decide that you need such a camera, it can be yours from August onwards.

Fujifilm Compact Connects To iPhone And iPad Via Wi-Fi | Cult of Mac

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