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After months of speculation, pleading, rumors, and faulty divination on the part of tech pundits and Apple fanatics, we may have kind of nailed down a firm date for the unveiling of the next iPhone. What will it look like? What’s it packing? Will we see the release of a smaller iPad on the same day? I don’t know! Neither do you! But let’s talk about it anyway. That’s what makes this whole thing so fun.

iPhone 5

Image Courtesy of Wired Gadget Lab

While Apple hasn’t confirmed what’s happening on September 12, All Things DBloomberg andReuters, and a number of other outlets believe that it’ll be the day that Cupertino will be unleashes the iPhone 5 on the world. With so many reputable sources in agreement on the date, and the fact that last year we had a fall iPhone launch, it may very well be a safe bet. This guess at when the handset will drop is backed up by the fact that an RBC Capital Markets analyst has the goods on the Apple’s supply chain. According to Boy Genius Report, RBC Capital Markets has gone on the record saying: “Recent supply-chain commentary points towards a material ramp-up within AAPL’s ecosystem ahead of the iPhone 5 refresh this fall.”

Wired Gadget Lab reported that Japanese iPhone repair service, iLab, has constructed what is purported to be the case of an iPhone 5 made out of parts that recently became available online. If they’ve got it right, then the next iteration of the smartphone will boast an two-toned metal backplate, an elongated 4-inch, 16:9 display (according to Gizmodo), a smaller 19- or 8-pin dock connector, and a Face Time camera that’s centered over top of the display. As the phone grows in size, you can bet that some of the added interior space will be used to include a larger battery, especially when you consider the complaints that came with the short amount of battery time offered by the iPhone 4S. As Apple’s already baked 4G LTE into the third-generation iPad, many pundits believe that the iPhone 5 will be similarly equipped.

Now, having aid all of this out, let’s put on the tinfoil hat for a minute.

Given Tim Cook’s recent statement about doubling down on secrecy, there’s always a chance that all of the phone components, spare parts, and rumors swirling around the internet right now have been planted by Apple in an effort to keep the iPhone 5’s looks and features a secrets until it’s unveiled. The only way we’ll know for sure what the handset looks like is when it;s revealed on stage. Oh, one more thing: Calling it iPhone 5? How about just iPhone? Apple’s already gone this route with the iPad, and I’m willing to bet it’ll be the case with their smartphone too.

iPad Mini

Image courtesy of Cult of Mac

Look, a unicorn! The web has been full of hopes, dreams, and theories about a smaller version of the iPad since the first generation of the tablet was released back in 2010. Will the success of Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the critical praise for Google’s Nexus 7 finally make Apple pull the trigger on a diminutive tablet? Call it an iPad Mini or a Jumbo iPod touch, a lot of journalists, analysts, and pundits think it’s a-coming.

Remember RBC Capital Market’s take on the iPhone 5? Well, they’ve got an opinion on the iPad Mini too. One of the firm’s analysts by the name of Amit Daryanani claims to have checked on Apple’s supply chain. He feels that there’s more going on with the company right now than just the iPhone 5:

“…supply-chain checks suggests we will have more than just a iPhone-5 launch. While its unclear if the additional product is an iPad refresh or a ‘mini iPad’, we do believe AAPL may look to leverage the price elasticity of the nascent tablet market by having a ~$300 device”.

So, Maybe a new iPad. Maybe a smaller iPad. Maybe Apple’s just hoarding spare parts.

The New York Times is on side with RBC. The Grey Lady recently reported that Apple will produce a 7.85-inch version of the iPad that will sell for significantly less than the company’s recent tablet offerings. It’s believed that the iPad Mini could sell for anywhere between $249 and $299 — a price that is still above that of the Kindle Fire or the Nexus 7, but still a whole lot cheaper than Apple’s current el cheapo tablet, the 16 GB iPad2.


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