How to Trim Video Quickly Right on the iPhone or iPad | OSX Daily

Trim Video right on the iPhone

Recording video is one of the great features of the iPhone and iPad, but before you send it out to a friend or upload to YouTube, you can make some quick edits and ditch unnecessary parts of any recorded video by using the built-in Trim feature. It’s just like trimming in QuickTime but it can be done right on your iOS device:

  • From the Camera app or Photos app, find and select the video you want to trim
  • Grab the handle on the left or right side and move inward, adjust to accomodate the portion of the movie you want to shorten the clip to
  • When finished, tap the yellow Trim button
  • Now you have two options; trim the original video clip down to size, or split the trimmed selection out into a new video clip

Trim Video on iOS, split into a new clip or trim the original

For sending small videos out from a much longer video, saving as a new clip is recommended. For editing out shaky video or parts of a movie that aren’t worth keeping, trimming the original is suggested.

Both of these options will lead to smaller file sizes because the video is shortened. To get the full HD quality video onto a computer you’ll still need to copy the video using a USB connection between the iOS device and the computer.

Keep on shooting, and remember to hold the camera horizontally for best results!

How to Trim Video Quickly Right on the iPhone or iPad


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