Is Buying an Android Phone Un-American? | FOM

Android Anti-American

Lately, especially with yesterdays Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement, I’ve been hearing more and more of the age old iPhone vs. Android debate. Phil Schiller, Apple’s Sr. VP of Worldwide Marketing, and almost every tech-writer has weighed in on the topic.

I’ve seen the two operating systems compared in many different ways including features, speed, usability, and even style. However, to date I’ve never seen the two platforms compared quite like this:

Who’s product makes more money for the US, Google or Apple?

Although the iPhone is manufactured at Foxconn (in Taiwan) the actual hardware is designed and prototyped here in the good ol’ US of A. Additionally, iOS is completely developed in Cupertino, CA. The App Store and iTunes gross millions upon millions of dollars per year for Apple and its partners (mostly US companies).

Of the top 5 Android handset makers, none are US companies and no Android phone is currently being manufactured in the United States. Google makes $0 from the Android operating system as it is free to use by licensed hardware manufacturers. The Google Play Store, although by no means unprofitable, makes nowhere near the revenue stream for Google that the App Store generates for Apple.

Winner – Apple

Honestly, buying an Android phone IS ABSOLUTELY NOT un-American but if you are one of the many people who go out of their way to buy American products (which is great) Apple or Microsoft might be a better choice. Having said that, the one thing that Apple Fanboys and Android lovers can agree on is that Windows phones suck!

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