Review: Slickwraps Personalized Skin Apple Devices | 9to5Mac


Slickwraps sent us some of their awesome MacBook Pro covers starting at $20 this month to give a test drive on our Retina MacBook Pro. These are basically hi-tech ‘stickers’ that you apply to your Apple device. Application is easy and bubbles and warps are easy to smooth out.  What you see above is the result of about one minute of application of the ‘carbon fiber skin’. If I had spent a little more time, I probably could have aligned things exactly. These things are made to exactly fit Apple’s devices. Note that the stickers don’t cover up any of Apple’s mics, speakers, I/O ports or even the fans on the underside, yet give the MacBook Pro an entirely new, distinctive look.These covers keep dust and scratches from the Aluminum and glass. The ones you see above have been affixed without issue for over a week. If nothing else the material makes a great palm rest as well.We also tried out the iPhone wraps this one is Mahogany. Same story. Very easy to install. Looks great. Taking it off left no residue and it blocks scratches scuffs and dirt. You can even apply many more times because the panels retain their stickiness.A video of the iPhone application, variety of colors and iPad covers follow:

Courtesy of: Review: Slickwraps Personalized Skin Apple Devices | 9to5Mac


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