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Launching at the end of last yearYouTube’s video capture and upload app – YouTube Capture – is also extending its reach this week, with the Google-owned company now offering a native version of the app for Apple’s iPad, as well as the recently-launchediPad mini.

The app, (which initially put an end to rival third-party video capture apps on the platform, thanks to both the apps’s ease-of-use and simplicity), was originally designed to offer the ability to upload videos taken on an iPhone (or iPod touch) to YouTube, with users then being able to share these uploaded videos with their friends, families, and colleagues, using the YouTube service.

The new version of the app, though, encourages that iPad users begin instead filming with their tablet, rather than their smartphone — an aspect of owning an iPad with a camera, which, some users out there, believe isn’t yet ‘socially acceptable.’

“Film a video and instantly make it YouTube-ready with background music, auto colorcorrection, and auto stabilization,” the company explains. “You can upload your video to YouTube and share to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ at the same time.”

Get YouTube Capture 1.2 on the App Store. It’s FREE!

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‘YouTube Capture’ Goes Universal. Now Available On iPad, (and iPad Mini). | RazorianFly – Apple and Mobile-Related Reporting


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