Epic iPhone Case Is A Pepper Spraying Weapon | iPhone Savior


There’s something about using an iPhone as a stealthy weapon that instantly gets my nerd juices flowing. Spraytect has decided to literally make protection mobile by attaching a small cartridge of pepper spray with a fast-action trigger to their iPhone case.

Not just any kind of pepper spray though, but a seriously vicious blend that uses habanero pepper — the exact same formula employed by our US Military, Homeland Security, FBI offices and Police Departments across the country. Effectively elevating a harmless iPhone to imminent threat status overnight.

The fact that the aerosol cartridge sprays are detachable from the iPhone case is a bonus — although it instantly defeats the purpose and also removes a fantastic conversation starter with the ladies.

You’ll pay $39.95 for your own lethal Spraytect case for iPhone 4 and 4S plus $17.95 for refills. Each case comes with a pepper cartridge and test cartridge included along with instructions on using the handy safety latch.

I would expect to see a large number of iPhone pepper spray prank videos populating YouTube sooner than later. That sort of grand buffoonery is inevitable with this very special kind of case.


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iPhone Savior: This iPhone Case Is A Pepper Spraying Weapon


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