iWatch Could Be Used For Gestures | Neven Mrgan’s on tumblr

A few weeks ago, I briefly posted that between the two currently-rumored Apple products, I was more intrigued by the possible “watch” than the TV set. It seems simpler, more unique, and less of a logistical nightmare to build, sell, and support.

This was just an intuition, since I wasn’t really sure what this “watch” thing would do. Actually, let’s drop the “watch” moniker right now and call it a “band”; its primary function would certainly be something other than telling time; in fact, it may not include a display of any sort.

Today it occurred to me that it could have an interesting use: acting as a gestural, accelerometer-based, Kinect-like remote. Worn on the wrist of your dominant hand, it should be able to detect swipes and jabs, or even control an onscreen pointer. Ironically, this would make it a nifty controller for Apple’s TV—the set-top box, not the mythical-and-unlikely TV set.

That’s not the only thing it could control. Today, I use a Magic Trackpad in addition to a mouse. I find the trackpad too fussy to move the pointer, but it’s neat for gestures. This band product could replace it. How about being able to perform gestures on your iPad without really touching it? Or, in addition to touching it, making for a whole new “hover” layer, missing from current iOS devices?

This is all on top of its uses as an authentication mechanism, fitness and sleep tracker, etc. It would clearly be a satellite product—remember what I said about it not having a screen?—but it could become an irreplaceably magical one.

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Speculation regarding a possible “SmartBand” product – Neven Mrgan’s tumbl

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