Start a Photo Slideshow on iPhone That Plays to Music | OSX Daily


If you ever want to show off some great pictures from your iPhone, you can instantly start a slideshow from the Photos app. This under-appreciated feature is extremely easy to use, and it can be livened up a bit by adding some fitting music to play alongside the slideshow. Everything is remarkably easy to set up:

From Photos app, tap any photo to bring up the options
Tap the Play button (>) to summon Slideshow Options
Toggle “Play Music” to ON and then select a song or album from the Music library
Tap “Start Slideshow” when satisfied with your selection to begin

You can do this on an individual gallery basis or with the entire Camera Roll.

To end the slideshow just tap any photo, both the photo slides and the music will instantly stop, and you’ll be back in the normal Photos library.

Of course the iPhone screen is pretty small, but these slideshows can be streamed through AirPlay to compatible receivers like XBMC, Reflector, and obviously an Apple TV too, making them even more fun and practical in situations where you’re trying to show a group some pictures.

While the iPad also has this feature, it’s completely different from the iPad’s lockscreen-based Picture Frame slideshow, which is accessed through the little flower icon at the lock screen of an iPad. The Mac can also quickly make slideshows from Quick Look, but unless you start iTunes yourself it won’t have music associated with it.

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Start a Photo Slideshow on iPhone That Plays to Music | OSX Daily


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